Freitag, 28. April 2017

New paths

A lot has happend the last weeks,
so while enjoying the last break outs of winter we can already smell the summer :)

Boardshort or Skijacket?
Can´t decide yet ;)

with @anne wangler & @xaver kröll

It´s been a pretty long effective season with a lot of travelling
- I´ll catch up here with all projects and trips the upcoming days.

So long cheers and enjoy life!

Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016

GONE SKIING - Living the life in the mountains

Hi folks :),

This one is a documentary style videoproject from my swedish partner 8848 Altitude produced mostly around the Zillertal Ski Area.

It shows some personal emotions about happenings over the last years, coming back from my 2 ACL injury - cruciate lingament tears, the switch from competing at Freeride World Qualifier to focusing on media productions and how´s like working and living in - and with - the ski industry during skitests tradefairs like ISPO and travelling around.

Basically it´s all about dedication to freeride skiing and an attitude towards life to spend it in the mountains.
But feel free to enjoy some impressions in moving pictures:

8848 Altitude – GONE SKIING #2 – Daniel Ziemer from 8848 Altitude on Vimeo.

So I hope you felt the spirit I wanted to show and if yes,
-> just go out in the mountains to explore and soak in the emotions - feel the peace and freedom which sourrounds you in nature, without any distractions from our modern world.


Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016


It´s been a long time...
So there is a lot of news still to post :) but first:

check out what we did last winter with my swedish friends from 8848 Altitude:
more to come stay tuned

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

Freeriderslife Movieproject - Filmtour 2015

Filmtour 2015
Freeriderslife Movieproject 

FreeRidersLife Productions präsentiert den Trailer ihres zweiten Filmprojekts „Triangle“, welches im Oktober 2015 auf nationalen und internationalen Outdoorfilmfestivals, wie der Alp-Con Cinematour, zu sehen sein wird.

English: FreeRidersLife Productions presents the trailer of their second movie project „Triangle“, which will be released on national and international outdoor movie festivals, like the Alp-Con Cinematour.
Check DATES HERE:    

Freeriderslife I TRIANGLE I Official Movie Trailer from Freeriderslife on Vimeo.

ALPCON Tour Trailer

Alp-Con CinemaTour 2015 - Trailer from Alp-Con on Vimeo.

During the search for new adventures, the team of FreeRidersLife get inspired for their new movie project „Triangle“ by exotic places like the Himalayan mountains in India and the island Corsica. The delight to get in touch with new people and different cultures is important as to draw first lines into a untouched mountain face for the FreeRidersLife family. The strains which they shoulder to reach a aim is sometimes enormous. A hike of several hours is gratefully welcome with a smile because the reward is the descent in an untracked line. To live for a passion is not the easiest way of life. Every decision goes along with a high level of risk and danger. But in the end of the day you get blessed with the energy of the mountains and a better understanding of the meaning of life. a special awareness of life.

General information: Starring: Bernhard Braun, Verena Fendl, Mario Gattinger, Felix Gattinger, Patrick Gstrein, Thomas Kigle, Xaver Kröll, Jochen Mesle, Bernhard „Bumsti“ Ratschiller, Tim Van Rossum, Johannes Schnitzer, David Stock, Arianna Tricomi, Julian „The King“ Zenzmaier, Daniel Ziemer, Produced by: Mario Gattinger – FreeRidersLife Productions A movie of: Peter Moser – Artisual – The Art of Visualisation Regie and Cut: Peter Moser Cinematography: Peter Moser Main Camera: Peter Moser Second Camera: Lukas Krec, Manuel Marktel, Xaver Kröll, Sebastian Schwertl, Colour Grading: Lukas Krec Presented by: Alpina Sports, Helvetia Versicherung Österreich, Kasmir Heliski Sponsors: Rossignol, Roeckl Sports, Julbo, Physio, TOBE Outerwear, Good Boards, Liberty Skis, Length: 40 min Language: German, English subtitled Genre: Documentation Destinationen: AUT, IND, SUI, FRA